【Official】Kuturoginoyado Maruko

Amakusa seafood and natural hot springs

Ocean,Mountain,river,and hot springs.
Here are the blessings of nature.
See the ocean and hear the murmuring of the river.
After being soothed by the greenery of the mountains and enjoying fresh seafood, you can relax in the hot spring.
Please enjoy such a luxurious time.

Greetings from Kutsurogi no Yado Marco

  • Welcome to "Kuturoginoyado Maruko"

    Our inn is located along the river in a part of Shimoda Onsen overlooking the west coast.
    The view of the Shimozu Fukaegawa River from your room, combined with the surrounding mountains, creates a soothing atmosphere that will soothe the fatigue of your travels.
    It's a 5-minute walk to the sea where you can see the sunset, and it's the perfect path for a walk.
    The bath adheres to the three principles of not boiling, not diluting, and not circulating, and although it may be a little hot, it warms your body from the core and the warmth lasts forever, inducing a good night's sleep.
    Our meals are prepared with care and love, using plenty of fresh seafood from local Amakusa.
    Although it is an old inn, we strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel like you have come home.


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Hotel Name

Shimoda-onsen Kuturoginoyado Maruko


1252-1 Shimoda Kita, Amakusa Town, Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture

Telephone number



150 minutes by car from Kumamoto Station, 40 minutes from Amakusa Airport, 30 minutes from Hondo Bus Center, 20 minutes from Tomioka Port.
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Facility information list

  • ■Room information

    【Number of rooms】13 rooms in total:13 Japanese-style rooms
    【standard room equipment】Toilet in all rooms/Air conditioning in all rooms/tv set/satellite broadcasting

    【Internet related】
    Free Wi-Fi available in all rooms
    Connection method:Wireless LAN
    Internet connection:Free

    Hand towel/Toothbrush / Toothpaste/bath towel/shampoo/Body soap/yukata/Shaving/shower cap/Comb / Brush/Soap

    【Supplement about amenities】
    Hair dryer can be rented.
    Razors, shower caps, combs/brushes, and soap are available at the front desk.
  • ■Facility information

    【Outline of facility】hall/Smoking area(outdoors)

    【Service & Leisure】
    Free:room service/Shogi/Game of go
    For a charge:fishing boat/Sewatari/kayak/Sap/diving/mahjong

    【Credit card】
    VISA / MasterCard / AMEX / JCB / DinersCiub / DC / UC / NICOS
    【QR code】
    d payment/auPAY/PayPay

    【standard check-in time】15:00
    【Standard checkout time】10:00

    【Cancellation provisions】
    9 days ago to 2 days ago:Only for groups (15 people or more)
    One day before:20% of room rate
    On the day of arrival:80% of room rate
    Cancellation without any contact:100% of room rate
    *If there is a cancellation policy for each accommodation plan, it will take precedence.
  • ■coffee service

    Coffee is served and sold at the front desk.
    Please enjoy the single origin original blend of carefully selected raw beans from around the world and roasted in-house with a focus on freshness.
    The coffee maker at the front desk is a high-performance one that grinds beans.
    The coffee served after breakfast is hand-drip brewed by our host, so please enjoy that as well.
    I brew various types of coffee depending on the occasion.

    1 cup of coffee:360 JPY
    1 bag of roasted beans:From 700 yen (the capacity after roasting is based on 100g of raw beans).)
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If you have any questions, please contact us.