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Hot Springs

About Shimoda Onsen

Shimoda Onsen is also known as Shirasagi Onsen.
About 700 years ago, a hot spring bubbled up where an injured egret was healing its leg.
It has been famous as a hot spring resort since ancient times.
The fresh hot spring warms the body from the inside, and the warmth wraps around the whole body forever.

【Open Hours】15:00 to 23:00/6:00 to 9:00
【Hot Spring Qualities】
Simple hot spring(Weak alkaline/hypotonic/high hot spring)
The ingredients are almost colorless, transparent and odorless.The temperature is a little hot because it is a natural hot spring.
cut/burn/neuralgia/joint muscle pain/frozen shoulder/hemorrhoids/sensitivity to cold/chronic skin disease/house/lottery/Recovery from exhaustion
  • Large Communal Bath

    Relax and soak in the spacious bath to relieve your daily fatigue.
  • bathhouse

    The quality of the spring water is so soft that you'll want to soak in it again and again, warming your body from the core.
  • Free flowing Hot Springs directly from the source

    Hot springs that flow directly from the source are natural hot springs that are not boiled, diluted, or circulated.
  • Colorless and transparent natural hot spring

    The colorless, transparent and smooth texture makes you feel refreshed after taking a bath.